A Day In The Life Of A Crothers Security Team Member

We recently had a young man join us here at Crothers Security, a Digital Marketing 3rd year from TUD Blanchardstown for some work experience. Wiktor Wroblewski did some wonderful work while he was with us and provided support with copywriting, social media, graphics and more.  Thank you Wiktor for spending time with us, we’d like to wish you well in your future career.


While Wiktor was with us we felt it would be a good insight into the business if he spent a day shadowing one of the team, the following is his report on what makes for a typical day at Crothers Security.


“The day in a life of a Crothers Security Employee can be busy but it is definitely not boring. The day typically starts with us making sure the van is clean ad ready for the day. It is important to check for all the safety equipment and tools before taking on any jobs.

Once that’s complete we undertook our first job of the day. We arrived at a commercial client in Tallaght. When we approached the building we immediately noticed the damaged hinges on the door. As a team, we carefully removed the door and then the hinges. We then proceeded to change the hinges and put the door back in its place.



When this job was taken care of it we immediately went on to the next. This job was at an apartment complex. Upon arriving we were informed that one of the doors has a handle damaged. We got straight to work by first removing the door handle and making sure everything inside the door isn’t damaged. We then changed the door handle and made sure the door opens and closes without any difficulties.



Our last job for the day was unlocking a locked door. One of the customers was unable to enter their house as it seemed the cylinder lock was jammed. After carefully unlocking the door we were able to change the cylinder lock. We then gave the customer a new key and asked her about the amount of backup keys she would like to receive. At Crothers Security, we also specialise in key cutting. As soon as we got back to the store we made sure to cut the keys so that they are ready for pick up the next day.



This is what a usual busy day at Crothers Security looks like. We at Crothers Security take pride in helping the local community every day which is why we work as hard as we do.”



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