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VIDEX 8836-1 1 Button Speaker Microphone Unit To Suit 800 & 8000 Series Housings – 8836-1


The Videx 8836-1 1 button speaker microphone unit is an updated version of the similar 800 series units. It incorporates improved weather sealing and electronics to withstand even the harshest of environments. The 8836-1 modules will fit both the Videx 800 & 8000 series housings.

VIDEX VR4K1S/CL Vandal Resistant 1 Way Surface Mounted Audio Kit with Keypad – VR4K1S/CL


The Videx VR4K1S/CL is a vandal resistant 1 way surface mounted audio kit complete with keypad, based on the 4000 Series modular design. Up to 3 handsets can be connected to each button, making it ideal for bigger apartments. The VR4K1S/CL incorporates two way speech, an electronic call tone, a lock release facility and three LED’s which display the confirmation of call, when the line is busy and when the lock is released. The incorporated keypad can be programmed from 1 to 99 seconds or latching output, and has 2 codes, 2 changeover relay outputs & an override input.