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BOND IT Anti-Climb Paint – Black 2 Litres


The BOND IT Anti-Climb Paint provides a practically impossible surface to climb or scale, deterring and preventing unwanted intruders from entering premises, giving added security to your property. The non-oxidising and non-drying coating is formulated to remain soft and slippery, whilst also marking any skin and clothing which comes into contact with the black paint containing an identifying agent. It is easily applied to most surfaces, including wooden and metal fences, brick walls, gutters, pipes and roofs, or any other potential grip points.

BOND IT Cover-It Carpet Protector – 25m


The BOND IT Cover-It Carpet Protector is a heavy duty protection material which protects against costly damage to most surfaces. It is easy to apply and quick to remove thanks to the low-tack adhesive and can be left down for up to 4 weeks (repeat application may be required in areas of heavy traffic; Cover-It can be applied over itself provided that the surface is free from dust, moisture and grease). It is safer to use than loose dust sheets as it adheres to the surface making it ideal for a wide range of surfaces and even stairs whilst painting, decorating, plastering, tiling or completing general building and maintenance projects. Cover-It is waterproof and can be used in temperatures between 15°C and 25°C.

BOND IT Decorators Caulk EU3 – White


Decorators Multi Purpose Flexible Filler (Caulk)

BOND IT Hand Wipes – 80 Wipes


Multi Purpose Hand Wipes for General hands and surfaces

BOND IT Saves Nails – EU3


Saves Nails Multi Purpose Adhesive EU3