Whether you are a Customer Facing Company or an Organisation with a Large Staff, you are very aware of your responsibilities with regards to helping to prevent the spread of Viruses and Illness.

Crothers have a large range of products and solutions to help you to do your part while remaining open for business.

Thermal Imaging Cameras for Staff Screening

Thermal Imaging Cameras for Staff Screening. Economical, Fast Deployment and Easy to Use.

Access Control with Thermal Screening & Facial Recognition

Contactless Access Control for with Thermal Screening and optional Facial Recognition to Prevent Access without intervention.

People Counting & Density Control

People Counting Cameras for Single Doors or Multiple Entrances with Access Control Integration Capabilities

Hygienic Door Handle Products

Hygienic Door Handle Products

Whether your door is in a high-risk or low-risk area, push or pull, we offer a range of unique, innovative hygienic door handle solutions that will improve hand hygiene at your site and reduce cross-contamination between users! Let’s be honest – nobody wants to touch a dirty door handle or pick up an infection! With Purehold’s range of handles, you can make sure this never happens!