What We Do During an Annual Service

Portable Fire Fighting Equipment should be maintained at least once a year. (a visual inspection should be carried out weekly internally and any damaged / missing equipment should be reported immediately)

As part of the annual inspection it is required by I.S. 291:2015 that at least one third of all water, foam, dry powder and carbon dioxide extinguishers will be test discharged and refilled annually.

To ensure compliance, the simplest and most reliable way is to set up a fire extinguisher maintenance contract with Crothers. We will arrange to undertake the necessary inspections/maintenance whenever they are due and advise you of any action necessary to keep your equipment in good working order.

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Our Fully Trained Technicians will keep you compliant with Safety at Work Regulations, PRTB requirements and Fire Regulations.

What our Customers Say about us;

Thanks for looking after us, we had no idea our extinguishers were out of date, and your quote was very competitive”

( Tony N. Board of Management National School)

“The lads were great as usual, very efficient and the report they provided was really useful”

(John M. Ardmore Studios)

“ The survey you did was very comprehensive, thank you, we were very glad we got you on board”

( Sean L. Dara Community Services)

Providing Fire Safety & Security of over 30 years we are experts at supporting a Safe & Secure Environment for You and the People Important to you. Using this approach, We Supply, Service & Maintain Portable Fire Extinguishers for Commercial & Residential Premises.

All products are manufactured and tested to the highest European and International Standards with the range of Portable Fire Extinguishers tested and certified to CE and EN3. All products are fully warranted once serviced to IS 291:2015

Products We Supply & Maintain;

  • Portable Fire Extinguishers
  • Wheeled Fire Extinguishers
  • Fire Blankets
  • Fire Extinguisher Accessories
  • Extinguisher Floor Stands and Cabinets

Different Environments require Different Types of Extinguishers.

Below is a brief overview:

AFF Foam Fire Extinguishers – Aqueous Film-Forming Foam extinguishers are typically used on fires involving Class A (Solid Combustible) and Class B (Flammable Liquid) risks, as they quickly extinguish the flame and are effective in preventing re-ignition.


Carbon Dioxide (Co2 Extinguishers) –do not leave any residue, unlike a foam extinguisher. Primarily used on Electrical Fire They can also be used on Class B fires, those involving flammable liquids such paraffin or petrol. CO2 extinguishers work by smothering the fire and cutting off the supply of air.


Wet Chemical Extinguishers – Class A & F These are primarily designed for use on Class F fires, cooking oils and deep fat fryers. They can also be used on Class A fires (wood, paper and fabrics) and Class B fires (flammable liquids). Wet chemical extinguishers have a yellow label.


ABC Powder – Class A,B, C Suitable for Class A, B, C and Electrical Fires. Useful for Cold settings, as they are not as susceptible to frost as water-based extinguishers. These are very effective for burning and free-flowing liquids. When powder is applied to hot smouldering surfaces, the particles fuse together and swell.


Fire Blankets – Clothing & Saucepan Fires These are fire-resistant sheets of material that can be used to cover a fire to cut its supply of oxygen or wrap around a person whose clothes are on fire.

Other Products we supply & install

  • Fire Extinguisher & Fire Blanket identification signs
  • Fire Hose signs
  • Fire Alarm call point signs
  • Fire Action signs
  • Fire Door signs
  • Fire Exit/Escape route signs
  • Push Bar To Open signs
  • Assembly Point signs

Who we work with

We specialise in working with small and large customers in the following sectors: Retail, Commercial, Apartment Blocks, Multi – Occupancy Dwelling Industrial, Hospitality & Leisure, Healthcare, Education.