Guide On Minimum Standards For Rented Residential Accommodation

There is a need for all of us to be mindful of our safety in the home on an ongoing basis.   Occasionally however as has been the case in recent times, an incident occurs that reminds all of us that sometimes we need to make more of an effort to ensure the environment in which we live is as safe as possible.


Agencies such as the Residential Tenancies Board work to ensure that standards of accommodation for those renting privately are suitable for tenants.  A publication Guide On Minimum Standards For Rented Residential Accommodation is currently being distributed by them to landlords.



“By law landlords must ensure that their rented properties provide tenants with a safe and healthy environment to live in and comply with the Minimum Standards.  Local Authorities are responsible for the enforcement of regulations.  If your property does not comply to these Minimum Standards, as a landlord, you could be prosecuted.”


New standards came into effect 1st July 2017, an overview of these new Minimum Standards can be viewed on the publication by clicking here.


We recently published a blog post relating specifically to Fire Safety In Apartments which is also very relevant to those who are landlords letting property in apartment complexes in addition to those who are renting which you might like to read –

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