Keeping Safe At Halloween

As one of the most popular dates at this time of year approaches, we thought it worthwhile to share a few tips on keeping you, your family and your home safe around Halloween.


Fireworks – not only are they illegal and liable to attract a significant penalty, they are dangerous especially if they make their way into the hands of children (yes, even those seemingly innocent sparklers!) or come from an unknown source.  Have a look at websites such as this one from Dublin City Council which details where you can find local displays and other attractions that will entertain all the family safely, or more locally events such as this one in Malahide.


Bonfires – if you are attending a bonfire whether it’s an organised event or something the local community have put together, make sure that your children are aware of the dangers at all times.  If you’re attending with them ensure you keep them in your vision at all times and explain the dangers of adding items for special effects such as aerosols.


Supplies for the bonfire – if you have items that might prove popular for a bonfire such as wood or tyres, even a household bin, remove them from view in the days leading up to the 31st.


Halloween costumes – most will be perfectly safe but it seems they’re considered toys as opposed to clothing in some cases so the same strict safety standards may not apply as this article from a UK publication explains.  If you’re making one at home think carefully about the materials you use, cardboard or cotton wool for example might be easy to work with but would be highly flammable.


Letterboxes – if yours is in the front door consider sealing it over Halloween.  A safer option might be an external letterbox, they don’t cost a lot and there are security benefits to having one fitted too.


Decorations around the home – in many cases homes will be decorated almost as much as they are for Christmas.  And while it’s certainly very nice to look at, there is a risk attached to the likes of Halloween candles or decorations, probably more so with those that appear to be particularly good value.  Always be mindful of the quality of items you are using for decorative purposes and also where you position them in the home.


Smoke alarms – a year-round essential for all homes and something which you should regularly test, make a point of testing yours and ensuring batteries are in order at this time.  An offering of our own here at Crother’s is our Smart Alarm which can have an integrated smoke alarm, get in touch if you’d like to find out more.


Halloween treats – these days Halloween is as much about the sweet treats as the more traditional foods that are in season at this time of year.  Items like nuts can be hazardous if a child isn’t familiar with them and when it comes to trick or treating you just don’t know what they might bring home so keep an eye on what’s being eaten whether they’re home or out enjoying the festivities.


Pets – if you’re a pet owner you’ll know this is not exactly an easy time for many, more sensitive to sounds of fireworks or perhaps frightened by the activity as children go about trick or treating.  Keep them indoors for both their comfort and your own.


Neighbours – many of us don’t enjoy the same sense of community that we used to but if you know you have elderly neighbours why not pop by and check if they’re ok, some can be quite frightened by the fireworks or those trick or treating.


At Crother’s Security we’re experts in Fire Safety for both home and business, if you’d like to talk to us about how we can help you please get in touch at 01-4567947 or

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