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Hardie Ground Anchor Ring – CP


Ground Anchors provides security for Motorcycles, Large Trailers, Caravans, Plant Equipment etc. One of the unique attributes of the Hardie-Secure Ground Anchor is that it folds flat when not in use, enabling it to be driven over safely. It can also be wall mounted, making it universally versatile for the use of motorcycles, push bikes, scooters, caravans, trailers, lawn mowers, power tools, in fact the list is endless! The Hardie-Secure Ground Anchor comes with a single bolt fixing which means it can be fitted quickly and easily ( approx 15 mins ). With all the fixings included, all you need is an electric drill. The incredibly tight tolerances and unique curved surfacing ensure no gaps to lever against. The clever swivelling action ensures that all hammer blow action is dissipated into the ground.