ABUS 144/30 Combination Padlock 30mm Body

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ABUS 144/30 Combination Padlock 30mm Body – Silver

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The Abus 144/30 is a three digit aluminium combination padlock with easy to turn, extra large numbers and code dials. The numbers are not painted on, instead they are injected into the code dials, making them visible for the long term. Suitable for securing low value items or where there is a low risk of theft, they are ideal to secure luggage or lockers in schools and sports centres.


  • Extra large number dials
  • Resettable 3 digit combination
  • Solid aluminium lock body with anodised coating
  • Abrasion-proof plastic number dials for long-lasting readability and high corrosion protection
  • Lightweight
  • SKU: L32690

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    Weight 57 kg
    Dimensions 15.5 × 31.5 cm