ABUS Touch 57 Series Fingerprint Padlock

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ABUS Touch 57 Series Fingerprint Padlock – 45mm Width 57/45

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The ABUS Touch 57 Series is a modern fingerprint padlock which stores up to 20 unique fingerprints to allow access. Registering the fingerprints is quick and easy – as one of two administrators, simply place your own, already registered finger on the fingerprint sensor for three seconds and “Register mode” is activated. Keeping it there for ten seconds triggers the “Delete mode” setting, which makes accidentally deleting the prints virtually impossible.

The padlock has a hardened steel shackle, the lock body is zinc coated die cast and being both IP66 and IP68 rated it is ideal for use both indoor and outdoor.


  • Use fingerprint to unlock
  • Store up to 20 fingerprints
  • Double ball bearing locking
  • Spring loaded shackle for automatic opening
  • Lock body made of coated zinc die cast
  • Precise capacitive sensor
  • SKU: L33636

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    Dimensions 23 × 95 cm