ASEC Slim Line Single Magnet

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ASEC Slim Line Single Magnet – 12/24VDC Unmonitored

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Designed for single door applications, this slim line magnet with alectro-less nickel plated armature and aluminium housing is available both monitored or unmonitored. It has a holding force up to 600lbs (272kg) and the input voltage is switchable between 12V DC or 24V DC.


  • Holding force up to 600lbs (272kg)
  • Operating voltage 12/24Vdc (Selectable)
  • Electro-less nickel plated armature
  • Aluminium housing
  • LED Status (Red/Green) – Monitored version
  • Monitored version – Magnetic bond sensor monitor output remotely monitors the door lock or unlock status (N.C output – door opened; N.O output – door closed. (SPDT rated 0.25a at 12Vdc)
  • SKU: AS12257

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    Dimensions 26 × 25 × 26 cm