ASSA ABLOY 8832 Long Plate Codehandle Door To Suit European Mortice locks

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ASSA ABLOY 8832 Long Plate Codehandle Door To Suit European Mortice locks – Right Hand 72mm Centers

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The Assa Abloy Code Handle Door (CHD) is lever furniture with an integrated battery operated digital lock, it is a simple, stylish and effective access control solution for internal doors. This CHD 8832 model is specifically designed for European mortice locks with 72mm Centres and an 8mm spindle. Because there is no need to modify the door, you can easily move the handle if needed.

Code Handle Door is the perfect lock for interior doors that have lower security requirements, typical applications are office doors, doors separating a shop and warehouse or staff space, or meeting and consultation rooms. Such doors are otherwise often left unlocked for convenience, or because a traditional code lock is expensive, requires extensive installation, or is not aesthetically appealing.

The Code Handle Door considerably increases security, if you select the auto lock mode, you know that the door is always locked when closed meaning that you can confidently leave your documents in the office when you go to lunch or conference participants do not have to take their equipment with them during breaks. In retail stores, it is an effective barrier to prevent access to the public to back office and warehouse areas. It also prevents unauthorized access to office storerooms however from the inside the handle is always unlocked.

Each handle can be given up to 9 different user codes and you can easily change the code at any time. For example, cleaning / service personnel can use a shared code for all rooms, while office workers have personal codes. To prevent unauthorised access, the lock is disabled for a few minutes if the incorrect code is entered repeatedly, for maximum security (e.g. overnight), just lock the door using the existing lock cylinder.


  • Battery powered so no wiring to the door is required
  • Master code and up to 9 uses codes
  • Blocking function if a wrong code is entered five times
  • Choice of automatic or manual locking
  • The CHD 8832 is to suit most European mortice locks with 72mm Centres
  • Tested for a durability to 100 000 operations, according to EN 1906
  • SKU: L32068

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    Weight 1.94 kg
    Dimensions 71 cm

    Stainless Steel




    2 x CR2, 3V Lithium