LOXTA Stealth Double Locking Lever Handle (Euro External) – 122mm 92PZ

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LOXTA Stealth Double Locking Lever Handle (Euro External) – 122mm 92PZ – Polished Gold

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This pair of Loxta Stealth double locking lever handles is manufactured from high quality 304 stainless steel and designed with 30ºC draft angles on the backplate to help resist mole grip attack. There is a euro cut-out in both the internal and external handles and the internal handle also has a thumbturn to lock the handle in place.

This double locking feature provides improved security as the secondary turn allows for the handle rotation to be locked in place, so that it cannot be moved from the outside. The Loxta Stealth handles are an attractive and versatile product being non handed and available in multiple finishes, they are also unsprung and provided complete with fixings.


  • Euro cut-out on both the internal and external handle
  • 30º draft angles on backplate to improve security by preventing easy use of mole grips
  • Stainless Steel 304 with a melting temperature starting at 1,400°C
  • 122mm screw centres
  • Unsprung furniture
  • Semi HESO spindle
  • SKU: L27407

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