SQUIRE SS80S Elite Dimple Cylinder Open Shackle Padlock

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SQUIRE SS80S Elite Dimple Cylinder Open Shackle Padlock – KD Boxed

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The Stronghold 80mm open shackle padlock is manufactured in the UK and made of solid hardened steel. Its electrophoretic finish combined with protective outer casing ensures that it will function reliably in the harshest weather conditions. Tested to meet CEN Grade 6 it is a high security open shackle padlock featuring double ball bearing locking and a 16mm diameter boron steel shackle. One of the challenges of making buildings safe and secure, is selecting and installing fire safety and security products that actually do what they claim. The Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) has been working with industry and government for more than 100 years to set the standards needed to ensure that security products perform effectively. LPCB offers third-party approval confirming that products meet these standards, the SS80S achieves LPCB Level 3 approval.


  • Electrophoretic finish offering excellent corrosion resistance & salt spray tested for over 200 hours
  • CEN Grade 6
  • LPCB Level 3
  • Resistant to picking, drilling, sawing and other forms of attack
  • 16mm hardened boron alloy steel shackle
  • Solid hardened steel body
  • SKU: L32576

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