SURE24 SGGFT Personal Attack Alarm With Strobe

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SURE24 SGGFT Personal Attack Alarm With Strobe – SGGFT

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The SureGuard SGGFT Torch Alarm incorporates a strobe effect independent torch with the 140+ dB alarm, and is supplied with the battery fitted. This sturdy, robust alarm includes a key ring attachment to secure unit to handbag/luggage for protection against mugging. A spring-loaded clip ensures that the alarm fits securely to belt or waistband.

This alarm includes mounting bracket which secures alarm to door frame, shed or garage for property security. Therefore this alarm is not just a personal attack alarm, it can be used for many different types of security. The alarm is operated with a ripcord action and the strobe light flashes to attract attention. Extremely loud siren 140 + dB. The Torch can be used independently to light key holes for quick entry to cars, homes etc. or to light the way.


  • 140+ dB ear piercing siren
  • Key-ring attachment for convenience
  • Torch can be used independently
  • Clip attachment for belt/waistbands
  • Mounting bracket attachment for property security
  • RoSH Compliant
  • SKU: L9489

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