YALE RFID Signal Blocking Box

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YALE RFID Signal Blocking Box – YRFID-BOX-170

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The Yale YRFID-BOX-170 is a large capacity radio frequency identification (RFID) blocking box designed to stop keyless vehicle theft by preventing thieves form copying the car key fob information. The box measures 170mm x 120mm x 90mm and has internal nano-electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding materials with insulated cloth lining to prevent the transmission of signals. It is covered in premium leather and has a metal buckle to fasten and lock the box.


  • Blocks transmission of GPS, RFID and Bluetooth signals
  • Large capacity
  • Helps protect against keyless vehicle car key fob information theft
  • Covered in premium leather
  • Holds 5-7 car keys, mobile phone and wallet
  • SKU: L33589

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    Weight 456 kg
    Dimensions 90 × 17 × 120 cm