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WHEELIE BIN DIRECT Forest Lock – Forest Lock


Protect your wheelie bin from misuse with the Forest Lock from Wheelie Bin Direct. Simply bolt the Forest Lock to the inside of your bin and secure the lid with a high security padlock (sold separately). The Forest Lock is suitable for use on a wide range of residential and commercial sized wheelie bins.

WHEELIE BIN DIRECT Slam Lock – Slam Lock


Restrict access to your wheel bin with the Slam Lock from Wheelie Bin Direct. Fitted to the inside of the bin, the slam lock will activate on the close of the lid, as the strike plate comes into contact with the lock. This unit comes supplied with a WBD key to operate the lock.

WHEELIE BIN DIRECT WBD Lid Locking System – WBD Lid Lock


Secure your large wheelie bin with the WBD Locking System from Wheelie Bin Direct. The lock features a durable hard plastic washer to ensure your lock can withstand the elements.