High Definition CCTV for Your Home with Excellent Night Vision

Hikvision CCTV System
Hikvision Home CCTV Recorder and Cameras

CCTV Systems for Houses and Apartments

We specialise in CCTV Systems for Houses and Apartments. The Cameras are Discreet, with built in Smart Infra Red illumination for clear images at night. All systems can be viewed remotely via your Smart Phone or Tablet.

Hikvision CCTV for Your Home

Installation Service

Our design team will tailor a CCTV system for your House or apartment complex, addressing all your requirements and concerns. We will call to carry out a comprehensive survey and ensure each camera has been specified to achieve the image you require.  Our installation team will install your Home CCTV System  system neatly and efficiently to provide you with an easy to use system, with minimun visible wiring

Choosing the Right System

Before you choose a CCTV system ask yourself – what do you want it to do for you?  What do you want each camera to look at and what do you need to record?  This will help us to guide you towards the right technology and platform i.e. IP or HD or Analogue.  Do you need remote log in?  Will your cameras be looking onto public lands or a neighbour’s garden?  Do you need to record a good image at night? We can provide the right product, whatever your requirements

Technology and Products available

As technology improves and becomes more affordable, you can expect excellent images for a relatively low cost.

If you have an elderly relative, we can provide a CCTV System which supports Independent Living, by alerting carers or relatives of callers or unusual activity

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    2 Hikvision CCTV Cameras & 1 Hikvision Recorder, Supplied & Fitted and Connected to your WiFi for Remote Viewing on your Smartphone or Tablet from anywhere in the world!
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    Hikvision CCTV for Your Home

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