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Affordable retractable security grilles

Extendor Security Grilles

The Extendor® range of security grilles has been developed to meet the requirements of a wide range of users – from low risk domestic and small commercial applications through to the protection of high value equipment, products, documents and data.

Bradbury Security Grilles

CX1 is an affordable retractable security grille particularly suitable for domestic properties. The grille provides a strong physical barrier for protection of windows and doors including patio doors and is an effective visual deterrent against attack.

What we do

We can secure your home, office or school windows with a variety of retractable grilles from leading manufacturers.

We have been installing retractable window security grilles to houses, schools and offices for over 15 years. We have also fitted them to period properties.

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    Guide for choosing a product

    Are retractable grilles the same as retratable gates? Yes, both refer to the same product which can also be referred to as sliding grilles or gates.

    Can the slides be in other colours? Yes, a full range of colours are available from our in-house powder coating facility. There is a small premium for colours other than white.

    Technology and products available

    The market leading Bradbury CX2 is independently attack-tested by the LPCB to LPS 1175 Security Rating 1 and is also a “Secured By Design” Police Preferred Specification.

    CX2 is an extremely cost-effective option and popular for most applications and security situations. The grille is characterised by its attractive curved lattice.

    Retractable Security Grilles are a highly cost-effective deterrent AND physical barrier against attack. Other security measures such as alarms and CCTV rely on a quick response and are often only effective once a break-in has occurred. Grilles can actually prevent attack and are long lasting, with no costly maintenance contracts necessary.